Back to Writing, again

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It appears that I can finally get back to writing things again that I enjoy, rather than writing website code, which I really, really don’t enjoy. My unfinished book beckons me, and I’m really jonesin’ to find out where my writing will take me.

My book is on the Stages of Change; I’ve identified stages that all of us go through as Change occurs (or doesn’t occur) in our lives, and some of the physical, mental and spiritual signs and symptoms that can manifest in each of the stages.

Tell me, have you ever experienced resistance to Change, or adaptation to Change, and observed a discernable body response, or a predictable behavior or mental thought that you recognize as being your pattern? I would love to hear from you and chat about it.

I hope you are enjoying the new website, with all the blood, sweat and tears it took to pry it out of me. I would love feedback.

I’m going to use this Blog as a place to give you new information about natural products, treatments and activities that can enhance your world. Keep checking back, or subscribe if you want, so you can always stay in touch.

Louise Hay is still going strong

July 12, 2008 at 7:03 pm | Posted in Alphabiotic, Hay House, Louise Hay, spiritual healing, Wayne Dyer | Leave a comment

In the early 80’s, I began my spiritual journey in earnest. After experiencing my first Rebirthing journey with a therapist in Fort Worth in 1980, I was awakened to new ideas in thought and action that was to govern the rest of my life. There was a wonderful gathering place in Dallas called The Alphabiotic Center, where seminars from healers, psychics, spiritual teachers, shamans, scam artists, wanna be’s, and gifted artists came to speak, heal or visit.

I made incredible friends through this time of my life; friends I have to this day. One of the first teachers that we were all introduced to was Louise Hay. In case you haven’t heard of Louise, she was a pioneer in the mind/body arena. She was the first to speak to the concept that our thoughts can heal our bodies. That our thoughts create our reality. In 1984, LONG before “The Secret”, “The Law of Attraction” or even Oprah, Louise bravely set out to prove medical science didn’t have all the answers in her book “You Can Heal Your Life”.

Her book was my bible for years. I always had it in my clinic as a reference guide for myself and patients. Looking up symptoms and finding the positive affirmation to counter it was often mind-blowing in its accuracy for those new to this form of healing.

I mention Louise now because she has a beautiful new version of her book available now, along with DVD movies to watch. These have been out for a while now, but I hadn’t seen them. My old dog-eared copy of her original book was lost to someone in my clinic that felt the need to take it home with them. So when my significant other purchased her “gift edition” which includes a gorgeously illustrated copy of that original book, with some updates, as well as a lovely DVD movie with material from Wayne Dyer (I adore him), Jerry and Esther Hicks, Gay Hendricks, Christiane Northrup and Cheryl Richardson.

The DVD is very well done – I often don’t like movies along these lines. I find them tasteless, or poorly written and executed as a general rule. This one breaks that rule and moves along quickly and evenly, keeping the interest of even the most short-attention spanned of us.

Her website,, sells this as a gift set that also includes some cards that I wish I had gotten as well. Cards as a nice way to remind yourself daily to remain in the moment, focused on positive thought, and feeling grateful for your health and well-being.

Check it out, I think you’ll like what she has to say. She is still the pioneer. At 81 years, she leads all of us in the alternative medicine and holistic spiritual/mind/body approach to life.

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